Korea's First Technology

Bexel developed Korea's first special lithium
rechargeable battery packs. In addition, Bexel analyzes
the requirements of the equipment used and the characteristics
of battery packs to produce and supply the best products.


Leads the rechargeable battery markets with
a creative mind and special energy design technology

Technology Development toward Innovation

Continuous technological research and innovative energy development let optimized energy available to devices.

* Medical equipment, black boxes, IT power supplies, etc.

Military Battery Features and Usage

Military battery packs are mainly used for (Korean and overseas) military equipment.

  • Satisfies international standards such as JIS and MIL
    (Vibration, shock, etc.)
  • (Korean and overseas)
    Military equipment

Military Battery Specifications


Industrial Battery Features and Usage

Industrial battery packs are used for medical equipment, agricultural machinery, black boxes, and other IT power supplies.

  • Customized products
    (Voltage, capacity, and size)
  • Power supplies for medical equipment

Industrial Battery Specifications


Special Battery Pack Inquires

Specialty Name E-mail
Special Battery Packs Jung Woongteak Woong.teak@bexel.co.kr
Hong huidong hhd0082@bexel.co.kr