Government Business

Bexel has participated in various tasks related to the government's "next-generation rechargeable batteries"
which is one of the 10 green core technologies in green growth strategy of the government
and its stable and outstanding technology has been recognized.


  • 01
    • LiFePO4 battery development
    • Research and development of Li-ion rechargeable batteries for high power and high capacity electric
      power tools using olivine LIFePO4 cathode materials
  • 02
    • Development of high capacity lithium ion batteries for power supplies of
      military communication equipment
    • Development of high capacity and long life power system for military portable devices
  • 03
    • Development of large capacity LIPB power systems for solar street lights
    • Development of high efficiency long life solar cell outdoor lighting systems and batteries for large capacity LIPB
  • 04
    • Development of SCM and high capacity lithium ion batteries for power supplies of
      cleaning robots
    • Development of smart circuit module (SCM) and high capacity lithium ion battery packs for cleaning robots
  • 05
    • Development of reinforced separators for lithium ion rechargeable batteries
    • Development of high safety rechargeable batteries using inorganic and organic composite separators
  • 06
    • Development of EV power supply solutions
    • Development of a 16kWh next generation lithium ion power system
  • 07
    • Development of a cathode material system package for fast charging
    • Development of high capacity lithium ion batteries including cathode materials for fast charging
  • 08
    • Development of hybrid battery packs
    • Development and demonstration of battery packs with 1kW fuel cells + 3kW solar cells
  • 09
    • Development of power supplies for cruise ships
    • Development and demonstration of a 50kW hybrid PEMFC system for cruise ships