Perfect Performance Energy


No-leak guarantee! No damage to your device!
Safe lithium batteries for protection you'd expect from Bexel

No-Leak Guarantee
Designed to protect against damaging leaks.

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Up to six times longer lasting power

Up to six times longer lasting power in your devices operating at their peak performance!
(KS test result compared to Bexel Premium Alkaline batteries)

Performance in Extreme Temperatures

Strong power - even great for use in winter

Precautions When Using Batteries

  • Batteries' leakage, rupture, or contamination can result in damaging devices. When you insert the batteries, follow the symbols showing the correct way to position the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of the batteries. Do not cause short-circuit and excessive discharges, disassemble, heat, solder, recharge, deform, or dispose of batteries in a fire and water.
  • Do keep batteries out of reach of children and do not swallow batteries or play with batteries.
  • Do not mix new and old batteries, or mix different types or makes of batteries.
  • Remove exhausted batteries from your device immediately.
  • Do not carry loose batteries in a pocket, purse or handbag.

Product Specifications

Nominal Voltage 1.5V 1.5V
Capacity 2,900mAh 1,100mAh
Height 49.85±0.5mm 43.9±0.6 mm
Diameter 14±0.5mm 10±0.5mm
Weight 15.5g 7.5g
Operating Temperature -40℃ to 60℃ -40℃ to 60℃
Storage Temperature Room temperature 20±2℃ Room temperature 20±2℃