The Most Powerful Alkaline Batteries


Bexel Platinum is the most powerful and longest-lasting alkaline battery.
Bexel Platinum indicates the best technology of Bexel that pursues higher levels of excellence and the best of the best.

Bexel Platinum
Bexel Platinum batteries are prepared for anything with limitless power.

Bexel Platinum Batteries Last up to 64% Longer.

Bexel Platinum batteries, having 64% more power and lasting 64% longer,
power people's lives making devices including cameras, audios and toys more powerful.

*Results may differ when it comes to digital cameras and Bexel Premium Alkaline batteries.

Zero Mercury / Zero Cadmium

Bexel Manganese batteries, using environment-friendly internal materials and without heavy metals including mercury and cadmium,
make you enjoy fully-powered devices and care about the environment.

  • NO.80 Hg Mercury
  • NO.48 Cd Cadmium

Devices to Be Used

You can feel confident knowing you have stronger and longer-lasting power,
Bexel Platinum batteries when you power devices requiring high energy such as digital camera flashes, audios, and toys.

Product Specifications

Nominal Voltage 1.5V 1.5V
Height 50.5mm 44mm
Diameter 14.5mm 10.5mm
Weight 23g 11.5g