Business Section


Since launched Bexel batteries in 1999, Bexel has been committed to making high quality products based on 20 years
of technology and experience. We supply the widest range of products and have price competitiveness in the Korean market.
We are also developing additional services including events and promotions.

Commercial Alkaline batteries, manganese batteries, lithium ion batteries, coin cell batteries, hearing aid batteries,
rechargeable batteries, and 18650 rechargeable batteries
Large volume orders and OEM Industrial electrical products, built-in special devices, companies, promotional items, etc.
Customized special battery packs For military, industry, household, and communication devices /
types: nickel cadmium batteries, nickel hydride batteries, lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, etc.
Batteries for exporting 42 countries including Japan, Russia, and Malaysia.

02Power bank

Bexel is proud of its rechargeable batteries with high safety and quality developed by using its own technologies
on the basis of 38 years of know-how in battery production. The company is a leader in the dynamic business
of providing power solutions with various designs and volumes of batteries in the Korean market.

Quantum2500mAh, 5200mAh, 10400mAh
Bexel Power Bank4000mAh, 8000mAh


Bexel's new brand QUANTUM TVs show consumers higher quality UHD than conventional HD and FHD at reasonable prices.
QUANTUM TVs with outstanding design and amazing screen are ready to impress you.

UHD TV 55 inches, 65 inches

04Personal mobility

Bexel's a range of personal mobility products offer a smarter, more convenient life to you.
Bexel Quantum (a tentative name) goods, eco-friendly low cost personal items which will make your day at work or leisure
activities special, offer a smart balanced life. Reputable Bexel guarantees their safety and repair warranty.

Electric Hoverboard 8 inches and 10 inches
Electric Scooter 17 inches and 19 inches (off-road)
Electric Bike 26 inch fat bike